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Home and Office Automation

Platinum Index’s home/office automation control solutions are designed to bring together all of the smart technologies, media content, and internet connectivity that, when working in concert, result in an efficient and comfortable lifestyle. Savant builds; Platinum integrates by merging all of this exciting smart control functionality and places it at your fingertips through sleek and intuitive user interfaces that are already a part of everyday life or many people. Our technology easily connects and manages multiple devices simultaneously, effortlessly synchronizing countless commands tip suit each household member’s smart home/office control preferences.

Co-location, Cloud Computing & Virtualization

We provide companies limitless physical space for server repository, helping our clients reduce the overall cost of infrastructure management. Working in sync with Microsoft and Google on their platforms for Virtualized services for small businesses and Module for educational projects, we are able to scale to enterprise deployments with secure UTM’s as core firewall to enable complete sync and hence maintain business continuity.

Internet Service, Support and Management

Leveraging the three main Atlantic Fiber Cable operators, PLATINUM INDEX is able to provide reliable, fast and affordable service to consumers in all industries of our economy. We further offer managed services including BAAS to further enhance your repository status

LAN Design and Implementation

With our expertise in networking and IT service management, we design and implement LAN projects. Current and past project include point to point Air-fiber connectivity, Virtual private Network riding on our Core Network infrastructure including advanced Cisco Configurations implementing secure remote connections. We have consistently implement Virtual LAN for large networks to help sort traffic and enhance signal reception increasing speed and bandwidth availability.

Intelligent Communities

Platinum Index’s most innovative solution brings inanimate objects to life. Hence estates become intelligent, buildings become alive and even cities can talk. We provide quad-play services riding on GPON fiber to homes, estates, hotels, commercial buildings and cities. Platinum index through this innovative solution has helped many home owners and tenants save over 80% on recurring expenditure.

Bandwidth Management

Platinum Index will involve her expertise on the installation and management of UTM equipment’s like Cyberoam, Bandwidth filtering tools like Bluecoat and Hotspot Servers like the Value point.

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